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From Franch OIL to Holistic Herbal Care:
The Rayson Laboratories Journey

October, 2000
Our History
Rayson Laboratories Sdn Bhd was incorporated in October, 2000. The owners of the company had imported and distributed a product known as Franch OIL. Subsequently Franch OIL was contract manufactured in Malaysia.
October, 2000
Infinite Herbal Care Possibilities
After 5 years Franch OIL had become a phenomenal success in Malaysia. The company then decided to develop new products under the same brand name in various herbal personal care categories such as Shower Crème, Bath soaps, Hand Wash, Hair oil, Shampoo, Skin Creams and moisturizers.
Natural Excellence, HALAL Certified
Rayson Laboratories Sdn Bhd is situated in a 16,000 square feet factory in Sungai Choh, Rawang, Selangor. Rayson has its own research and development laboratory where the R&D team is constantly researching formulation improvements and new product development. All our products use 100% natural extracts as the active ingredient and is certified HALAL.
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Our Vision

Taking Manufacturing a Step Closer to Nature ...

Consumers today demand personal care products which are friendly to the body without harsh chemicals which cause irritation and even damage to our sensitive skin. We strife to make a positive impact in the lives of the communities in which we operate, by creating products which are closer to nature and spread the world with natural products through the power of creativity and technology.
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